Best Hiking Trails in the World You Must Visit

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If you’re looking for new places to explore, hiking is the best way to do it. Hiking trails take you through quaint villages, wild landscapes, and even into remote areas of the world that you might not have thought possible. It is an ideal way to see the world in a way that is more adventurous than lying on a beach. Plus, hiking allows you to explore new areas of the world, such as remote mountain tops, untouched beaches, and the GR20 in Corsica.

Muliwai Trail on the Big Island of Hawaii

If you are looking for a hiking trail in Hawaii, you might be interested in the Muliwai Trail to Waimanu Valley. This 9-mile trail starts near the Waipio Valley Lookout and ascends through the valley to the end at Waimanu Valley. It is also known as the Z-Trail because of its zigzag pattern cut into the cliffside. From the end of the trail, you’ll have stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the Waipio River’s dump into the ocean.

The first section of the Muliwai Trail is a bit challenging. You’ll climb more than 1200 feet and encounter steep switchbacks as you hike. However, it is well worth the effort because you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Waipio Valley, Hi’ilawe Falls, and the Kona Coast. As you continue on the trail, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views that will linger in your memory for a long time.

The Muliwai Trail begins on a four-wheel-drive road and ends at a black sand beach. After a brief climb along the road, you’ll cross the Waipi’o River, where the ocean meets the sea. The crossing is treacherous but worth it for the stunning scenery. The Muliwai Trail begins on cliffs above the beach, so you’ll climb over 1,000 feet.

Great Ocean Walk

This 7-day hike offers an incredible view of the coastline and many of Victoria’s famous landmarks. You can view the famous Twelve Apostles from Gables Lookout, one of the highest ocean cliffs in the world, or visit Wreck Beach to explore a variety of shipwrecks. The Twelve Apostles are a series of massive rock towers that stick out of the ocean.

The trail is graded well and easy to follow, with a few steep pitches. You can expect to log between six and 9.5 miles per day, so be sure to plan accordingly. While the Great Ocean Walk is challenging, it is possible to prearrange resupply points so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a week’s worth of food or water.

While hiking the Great Ocean Walk, take some time to admire the stunning views. Victoria is known for its beaches, so expect some seaside scenery. If you’re hiking alone, you can book accommodation in a hostel or hotel along the way. Alternatively, you can organize your own accommodation and transport. A good tip when visiting Victoria is to make sure you’ve brought enough water and food to last you for the duration of your hike.

GR20 trail in Corsica

If you love hiking and would like to get away from it all, the GR20 trail in Corsica is the perfect place to do it. The trail is nine kilometers long, or 5.6 miles. It requires approximately eight hours of hiking to complete. The GR20 also features a famous 30-meter-long footbridge suspended above a beautiful waterfall. Hiking enthusiasts can also check out Salomon’s film A Piuma to see the trail in a whole new way.

The GR20 trail is popular with hikers from all over the world. As a result, accommodation options are limited. Campgrounds and refuges may be full, particularly early in the season. Hikers who bring their own tent or hire a tent will not need to make reservations. Those staying in hotels or dorms must make reservations in advance. The GR20 is an iconic Corsican trek and is a great way to experience the region.

The GR20 is a challenging hike, with a total elevation gain of 10,600m. Hikers should pack a heavy backpack and ensure they take rest days if needed. The GR20 is best completed in late June or early September. The total number of days for a GR20 hike depends on the individual and his physical condition. There are mountain huts owned by the national park and privately owned hotels.

Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is 85% intact, and has become one of the world’s most popular hiking trails. The Incas loved stairs, so much so that most of the trail is composed of stairs. The Inca Trail also includes a 20-mile stretch of Dead Woman’s Pass, which is mostly stairs. It’s a demanding trail, but it is certainly one of the best hiking trails in the world.

The Inca Trail is incredibly popular, and permits sell out almost immediately. To hike the trail, you must be able to reserve a permit at least six to nine months in advance. The permits are tied to the name of the individual, so make sure to match your passport details with the permit. Permits cannot be transferred, so you should book far in advance. There is a small fee for the permit, but it is well worth the experience.

Regardless of your experience level, the Inca Trail is a memorable experience. It is very high in elevation, so you should prepare for altitude sickness. To make sure you have adequate protection, consider buying altitude sickness medication and getting mentally prepared. However, the Inca Trail is one of the best hiking trails in the world you must visit. If you’ve ever dreamed of hiking in the Andes, you’ll want to visit the Inca Trail.

Overland Track in West Africa

When visiting West Africa, one must take a tour on an overland vehicle. Although many of the countries have decent highways, the off-the-beaten-track is usually on ungraded gravel or dirt roads. However, there is a good mix of adventure and long driving days. In some parts, the journeys can take only a few hours each day. Moreover, you’ll be able to learn about slavery in the region, as well as explore some of its cultural traditions.

Although the Overland Track is a full-pack adventure, it’s worth mentioning that the food on board is surprisingly good. Each trekker is required to pack a portion of the group’s food, but every dietary requirement is catered to. In fact, the Cradle Huts version of the Overland Track features gourmet cuisine, including antipasto platters, minestrone soup, and risottos.

Depending on your fitness level, you can also take one or more side trips while you’re on the Overland Track. Some of the optional side trips include Cradle Mountain, an impressive 1545 meter mountain. A trip up this mountain will reward you with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll, a challenging hike, or an adventurous trek, the Overland Track offers something for everyone.

Chilkoot Trail in Alaska

The Chilkoot Trail is 53 km, or 33 miles, long and co-managed by the U.S. National Park Service and Parks Canada. The trail’s name is derived from the famous gold rush town of Dyea, which was founded in 1898. It was the last gold rush town in the United States, and is now a world-famous hiking trail.

The Chilkoot Trail in Alaska runs for 53 miles and crosses the Canada/US border at the summit. The trail has several challenging sections of mud, rock, and ice, making it suitable for hikers of all fitness levels. The trail is also popular with mountain bikers, as the terrain is not difficult but requires serious physical fitness.

The Chilkoot Trail is easy enough to hike for anyone. Similarly, the Taiya River Trail follows a temperate coastal rainforest and only involves minimal elevation gain. After you finish the trail, you can explore Canyon City, the remnants of the gold rush that sprang up in the 1870s. The town had a tramway system that traversed the Chilkoot Pass, and a wide array of businesses that catered to the stampeders.

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

You have probably heard that Cradle Mountain-Lake St Claire National Park has some of the best hiking trails in the world, but how many of them have you actually experienced? If you’re not sure, here are some tips to help you plan your trip:

The Overland Track is a legendary, six-day hike that starts and finishes at Cradle Mountain and ends in Lake St Clair. It’s challenging enough for seasoned hikers but is also available for a more leisurely stroll. You can choose to hike on your own or arrange for a guided tour. You can also opt to stay in a heritage building at the end of the trail, or book a catered tour. You can also choose to hike on a canyoning tour if you prefer.

To hike the Overland Track, you must pick up a permit in Cradle Mountain and head to Ronny Creek. You can easily reach Cradle Mountain from Launceston and Devenport, the nearest major cities. Alternatively, you can take the ferry to Launceston or Devenport, where you can pick up your permit and start your journey.

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